Laminate Countertop


Laminate countertops are plastic-coated synthetics with a smooth surface that is easy to clean. Countertops are made by bonding the laminate sheets to a particleboard (MDF) core. Laminate Countertops can be purchased as pre-formed segments 0r custom-fabricated to specifications, either on-site or in a fabrication shop.

Quartz Countertops


Quartz was created as a better-performing, more adaptive, alternative to granite and marble. Available in a larger range of colors than granite. Additionally, quartz has a nonporous surface that resists both staining and scratching. Quartz can be convincing copies of natural stone, like marble. Unlike marble and other natural stone, engineered quartz requires no annual sealing.

Granite Countertops


Granite defines elegance in a kitchen. Even the modest kitchens seem like luxury spaces when flavored by the beauty of granite countertops. Historically, granite has been an expensive material, but its cost has come down somewhat as supplies have increased and engineered stone has become more common.

Solid-Surface Material Countertops


Solid-surface countertop is a man-made material consisting of a blend of acrylic particles and resins that are pressed into sheets and other shapes. Solid-surface countertops and sinks have now been around for nearly 50 years, but at the time of introduction, they regarded as space-age alternative to natural stone, which they sought to mimic.

Concrete Countertops


If you have countertops in unusual shapes, or if you want a truly unique kitchen, concrete may be a good choice for your countertops. Due to their heavy weight, concreate countertops are usually cast in forms right in your kitchen. These are not the same kind of concrete slabs used in sidewalks, but highly polished slabs that may even be textured or acid-stained to produce an array of colors.

Butcher Block Countertops


Butcher block countertops offer a beautiful warm look and are available in a wide range of colors and finishes. Hardwoods such as maple and oak are the species most often used for this application. Butcher block countertops are often used in a country-style setting and can last for a long time if properly cared for.