As one of Michigan's largest Kitchen and Bath design showrooms, you can shop with confidence that our experienced staff can help you with every step of your project.

The Key to Your Best-Ever Kitchen and Bath Lies with Acorn Kitchen

Looking for a quick way to make a big impact in your home? Nothing makes a major difference for your money like a kitchen & bathroom remodel. At Acorn Kitchen and Bath, we know how to turn your home’s most important and most frequently-used rooms into your favorites!

Kicking Your Kitchen Up a Notch

Everyone loves the kitchen. It’s a backdrop for meals, the focal point of holidays and family gatherings, and a place to make memories as well as tasty treats for those you love. With so much love wrapped up in a single room, redesigning it takes thought – and the very best materials. At Acorn Kitchen and Bath, we have the very best in kitchen cabinets and other items to help you take your family’s favorite room to the next level and make every moment there even more memorable.

Bringing Style to the Bathroom

Everyone who lives in or visits your home will end up in the bathroom eventually. Just because this room is one of necessity doesn’t mean it can’t also be one of the most stylish, though. Today’s bathroom designs range from sleek and modern to whimsical and fun – and are available in color palettes and collections that suit nearly every taste. Offering one of the largest kitchen and bath design showrooms in Michigan, Acorn Kitchen and Bath is currently serving the following areas:
  • Bloomfield, MI
  • Clarkston, MI
  • Rochester, MI
  • Birmingham, MI
  • Troy, MI
  • Oakland County, MI
For more information and to find out if we’re available to help you create a more beautiful, functional kitchen or bathroom, contact us today!